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august 2020:

the 1st annual, month-long Instagram Scavenger Hunt

(You’re a Scavenger Hunt)

Every day in August I will make a post with your Scavenger Hunt theme for the day. I'll either post it the night before (PST) or in the morning the day of (PST). It may be something specific. Sometimes just a word or phrase. Post your submission to Instagram and:


If you don't use the hashtag, it's not the end of the world...you can always go in and add it. But a hashtag is really the only way for people to find it.


  1. Composition counts

  2. Color Counts

  3. Creativity Counts

  4. Craziness Counts

  5. DIY Counts

  6. If it can be submitted on Instagram, it counts

  7. Everything counts in large amounts

  8. Have Fun and be safe

  9. Wear a mask when appropriate

  10. Adults and children are both encouraged as long as you don’t mind a bit of bawdiness. It’s going to happen

  11. Include yourself in the submission for bonus points

  12. Everything is open to interpretation or reinterpretation

  13. Do NOT spend any money

  14. Do NOT break the law

  15. Instagram code of conduct enforced. If you do something dumb and Instagram bans you or slaps your hand, don’t come crying to me

  16. YES! I’d love for you to participate in all 31 days...NO! You don’t have to. Skip a day or two or 23 if you need to. Or just be part of the studio audience

  17. Dumb prizes based on random categories and random judging criteria

  18. Use the hashtag for each day. EVERY DAY HAS A DIFFERENT HASHTAG!!!  (#URAScavHuntXX) where XX is the day (01, 23, etc.) - so for the ninth of August, it would be #URAScavHunt09

  19. Ignore all the rules if you want (except numbers 14-15)