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Part of the "I Heart Literature" Collection.



Set of 10 handmade envelopes are big on color and design, with all kinds of patterns on them. Upcycled from old atlases, calendars, comic books, music scores, and lots of other fun prints. These are hand folded. They are a lovely gift to students, list makers, pen pals, and snail mail lovers.



- Set of 10 envelopes per order

- Dimensions: approx 6 1/2" x 4 3/4" (they are handmade, so size may vary a slight amount, but no more than 1/16"

- Ungummed top flap (seal with a sticker, tape, or glue). There's no adhesive on the top flap, but you can seal the envelopes in your own creative ways , like using double-sided tape, glue stick, washi tape, or a funky sticker etc.

- Use white labels to address envelope if sent through the postal service - they're kinda sticklers about that

- Random assortment of colors and patterns, but I'll make sure you get a wide variety (no duplicates since every envelope is made from a different page of a book)

- The envelopes you see in the listing pictures are just examples, and the paper patterns are randomly selected

- These envelopes are made from a wide variety of books and prints, therefore, the texture and thickness will vary from envelope to envelope. You can request a general pattern theme, and I'll try to get something close, but there are no guarantees


Includes free shipping (shipping is only available within the USA).

Handmade, Recycled Envelopes (Set of 10)

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