Colin acquiring mass amounts of hair on his head and John losing most of his.

Holiday Letter 2020


At times 2020 has left us exhausted, isolated, and feeling out of control. But we’re remembering to be thankful for what we have and breathe. Luckily, those closest to our hearts (but sometimes physically thousands of miles away) have been providing their support, virtual happy hours, game nights, and levity throughout. And we’ve been pretending to be rockstar online celebrities with all of the Zoom meetings we’re attending.

We don’t have much to report as we’ve been practicing quarantining, for ours and everyone else’s safety, since mid-March. The only traveling we’ve been doing is walking a block or two to the grocery store. John celebrated his 20th anniversary of moving to California in really does seem like only yesterday. Colin’s been growing out his curly locks and going into band practice withdrawal. And our niece Sierra got married in October. Woo hoo for love!


And we’re both still employed. Colin continues enjoying his time with Okta and John shifts from contract to a full time gig in January 2021 with Buurst as the Digital Content Marketing Manager.

December finds us charging full steam ahead into an unprecedented and inspiring future. The decorations have gone up and John’s getting his baking game on. Sadly, we’re not having our annual party. We also decided to use what’s at hand this year for our seasonal correspondence. We used random cards from our overflowing collection. So if you did get a card via snail mail, excuse our bravado in sending out this year’s holiday notes on not-so-holiday themed cards. Less is more. And if you didn't get one but would like to be added to the list, just shoot us an email. Unless you're international...then it will have to stay digital.

Joy, happiness, and understanding to you in the days to come.
— John and Colin

P.S. Not everyone is using John’s new phone number.
Here it is again:  628.502.4303

Here are a few suggestions for ending this year with resolve and starting the next one on a positive note.


Help someone less fortunate than yourself.


Practice humility.




Spread hope.


Read more.


Continue to wear a mask and practice social distancing.


Drive change.


Make time for yourself. Nourish your soul.


Leave things a bit cleaner than when you arrived.


Foster growth.


Include mother earth whenever you make decisions.


Make some art, poetry, or music.


Take responsibility for your actions.


Strive for equality.


Dance like no one’s looking.