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Time to learn a little Bit About Me...

I climbed oak trees, watched fireflies, and played in the cornfields of Illinois in my childhood. Later, my family moved to scenic Steamboat Springs, Colorado where I spent my formative teen years on skis. My college career consisted of studying creative writing at Colorado State University and working at an old, dilapidated, second-run movie theater, both of which I have many fond memories.

Upon graduation, I promptly embarked on a two-year graphic design internship and found my true calling. I've been in the design industry ever since. In my late 20s I jammed everything I owned into my car and moved to California.

I've called San Francisco home ever since and proudly consider myself a semi-native. I'm happily married and live in the Mission District. Bright light, warm weather, traveling, and the color orange make me happy. I collect gnomes and chickens, love a good thrift store, and am quite fond of Christmas. I belong to a couple of book clubs, a bad movie club, and my taste in music tends to frighten people.

I'm a Creative Powerhouse living and working in San Francisco, California


I tend towards being a wildcard/generalist. I'm not just an art director, or a graphic designer, or a strategist, or a website designer, get it. Take a look at my portfolio and ask me if you have any questions.

Online Resume
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